History of Harveys Butchers

harveys_historyHarveys started on Tombland in 1924, collecting and selling local game, rabbits and poultry, where it became an established and well respected purveyor of quality produce.

In 1985 the shop relocated to Grove Road to sell a more extensive range. With the introduction of beef, lamb and pork, new challenges arose for the company. Questions of animal welfare and the use of drugs – a routine part of meat production did not rest easily with Nigel Harvey. Traceability of local meats and guarantees of openness with reduced food miles became important.

In the interim years BSE and Foot and Mouth added to the increasing coverage of food horror stories doing nothing to reassure the customer of high quality meat production using safe traditional methods. Something had to be done to ensure customers could buy locally reared, high welfare produced, pure meat which they and their families could eat without worries and with a clear conscience.

The answer was to source meat from local Certified Organic Farms, use a similarly Certified Organic Slaughterer, and come under the same rigid regime of inspections and high standards to become the city’s only Locally supplied Certified Organic Butcher.