Have A Happy Harveys Christmas

Great Grove Poultry:

The farm is a traditionally run family concern that specializes in producing the best poultry possible. All the turkeys and geese are free to roam over 35 acres of woodland and grass for the whole of their lives.

This slow growing technique allows the birds to naturally reach maturity resulting in fantastic flavour. The birds are matured by hanging after slaughter for at least 10 days to further enhance the taste and tenderness.

Great Grove Poultry

Great Grove Poultry

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey



Roast Duck

Roast Duck

Harveys Butchers For Christmas & More!

Turkeys – from great grove poultry

Free range Bronze 5kg to 10kg.

Half birds

For the smaller family.

Breast Roll

The same fantastic birds but boneless & cut to your size.


Free range – from 4.5kg to 7kg.

(All of the above are reared by a small farm less than 20 miles away)


All Free range – 2kg to 5kg.


From Gressingham Farms.

Gammons (Uncooked)

Hams (Cooked)

Bacon – Dry | Cured - smoked or green

All our Pork Products are made from free range pigs.

Multi-Bird Roasts

A choice of various sizes & content.

Large range of Sausages, Stuffings and Condiments


A complete range including venison.
"Have A Happy Harveys Christmas"

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